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Residence in Ridgeway suffers damage due to burst water pipe



burst water pipe damaged a residence in Ridgeway

A burst water pipe damaged a residence in Ridgeway, highlighting the consequences of what started as a minor water leakage.

On June 8, Ridgeway experienced a water outage, and shortly before that, the homeowner noticed water gushing out of the water meter outside the house. After the water outage, the issue persisted when water was restored on June 11, leading the homeowner to call out plumbers who determined it was not a domestic problem.

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Residents notified Joburg Water, but some initially blamed the homeowners for negligence. Joburg Water attended to the issue later that day, but by then, water had already caused damage to parts of the house.

The homeowner and their family have been displaced, with repairs currently underway.


Source: Burst water pipe damages residence in Ridgeway

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Picture: UnsplashAmritanshu Sikdar

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