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Two Singaporeans fatally drown as canoes capsise in Crocodile River



Two Singaporeans died in South Africa

Two Singaporeans died in South Africa on Sunday afternoon during a river canoe expedition that took a devastating turn.

As per The Straits Times, the victims, whose ages and identities are yet to be confirmed, were part of 20 Singaporean tourists who embarked on a canoeing excursion along the Crocodile River. According to South African media reports, six local guides accompanied the group. The group had set off from a camp near the Lion and Safari Park in Broederstroom, approximately an hour’s car ride from Johannesburg.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), responsible for rescuing individuals in distress in South Africa’s coastal and inland waters, responded to the incident alongside the Strategic Rescue Unit and the South African Police Service. The NSRI’s spokesperson, Mr Craig Lambinon, stated that the incident occurred between the Lion and Safari Park and Hartbeespoort Dam, prompting the deployment of rescue swimmers and medics to the scene.

Despite extensive efforts by paramedics who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an adult male and an adult female, the two Singaporeans could not be revived and were tragically declared deceased, Mr Lambinon confirmed.

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According to Mr Lambinon, eight Singaporean tourists had fallen into the river after their canoes capsised. The quick actions of the tour guides, who entered the water to save them, prevented further loss of life. When authorities arrived, six tourists and two male guides remained in the river, requiring rescue efforts. The other guides tried to resuscitate the two Singaporean victims, who they could revive.

The two male guides were unconscious upon reaching land and are recovering in the hospital. At the same time, the six injured tourists received treatment and have since been released. The remaining 12 individuals in the group escaped the incident without physical harm.

Expressing heartfelt condolences to the victims’ loved ones, Mr Lambinon disclosed that the police had initiated an inquest docket, which serves as a judicial inquiry to establish the facts surrounding unnatural deaths. The tour operator involved will cooperate with the authorities and supports those affected by the tragic event.

The Straits Times has contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the South African police service for more information as investigations into the incident continue.

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