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Latest Update: Death Toll in Johannesburg Building Fire Climbs to 64, With More Victims Expected



central johannesburg fire death toll climbed to 64

Johannesburg Emergency Services said the central Johannesburg fire death toll climbed to 64.

SABC News reports that emergency responders tirelessly engage in search and rescue efforts. They anticipate that they will recover additional bodies as the operation progresses.

The fire has injured more than 43 individuals.

Authorities are actively investigating the root cause of the blaze, which has proven to be a major challenge for emergency services and firefighters. The building emits smoke, prompting the authorities to seal off surrounding roads for public safety.

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Initial reports suggest that the building was occupied in violation of regulations. The tragedy has prompted discussions about building safety and the risks associated with illegally occupied structures.

Johannesburg residents grapple with shock and sorrow as the city mourns the devastating fire’s loss of life and the aftermath.

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