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Concerned Mother Expresses Discontent with Daughter’s Treatment at Crowthorne Christian Academy School



mother of the Crowthorne pupil is unhappy

The mother of the Crowthorne pupil is unhappy with the school’s handling of the incident on August 14.

A video of the incident depicts the principal’s husband forcibly removing the student from a classroom and ejecting her from the premises due to her choice of dreadlocked hair, which, according to reports, contradicted the school’s code of conduct.

The young student’s mother expressed her dismay. She cited her perception that the principal failed to safeguard her daughter’s well-being. She lamented the principal’s lack of intervention as her husband subjected the learner to such treatment.

The husband faced legal consequences for his actions. He appeared before the Midrand Magistrate’s Court on August 17. He was charged with two counts of common assault and was granted bail.

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On August 21, Joburg Speaker of Council, Councillor Colleen Makhubele, visited the school to condemn the racially charged attack on the learner. This visit coincided with the launch of the speaker’s Civic Education Programme, a campaign aimed at fostering civic responsibility and addressing critical societal issues.

In the wake of this incident, the Gauteng Department of Education weighed in, revealing that the school was operating without proper registration. They issued a notice of closure, stating that the school’s lack of responsiveness and compliance necessitated the transfer of affected learners to alternative institutions.

This incident has not only ignited discussions about the rights of learners within educational institutions but has also spurred protests outside the school’s gates, with members of the Economic Freedom Fighters and concerned parents voicing their grievances.

Source: Mother unhappy with the treatment of her daughter at Crowthorne Christian Academy School

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