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City Power Successfully Completes Electrification of Diepkloof Hostel, Citing Project Delays



City Power has completed Diepkloof hostel's electrification

City Power has completed Diepkloof hostel’s electrification. The power utility is now finalising a service level agreement with the City of Joburg’s Housing Department to ensure the project’s completion.

In response to the lack of service delivery, residents of Diepkloof hostel took to the streets in a protest marked by violence on Monday. As per SABC News, their demands included the long-awaited electrification of the hostel.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, confirmed that the power utility had successfully concluded Phase One of the project. The remaining Phase Two, which involves the internal wiring of lights and plugs, is projected to be completed within the next three months. This phase requires an additional budget of R8 million.

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The overall cost of the electrification project is estimated to exceed R15 million. Construction commenced in October 2022.


Mangena acknowledged the delays experienced during the project’s progress. However, he reassured the community that regular updates had been provided to community leaders throughout the process. Mangena emphasised the importance of ongoing engagement with community leaders to ensure a transparent understanding of the remaining work and to establish the way forward. The finalisation of the service level agreement with the Housing Department is currently in progress, to complete the project within the next three months.

The electrification of Diepkloof hostel represents a significant milestone in improving living conditions and providing essential services to the residents. City Power’s commitment to finalising the project reflects its dedication to addressing the community’s needs and demands, fostering a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

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