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Another Cold Front Expected to Bring Freezing Temperatures to South Africa



cold weather is expected in SA

Very cold weather is expected in SA. The South African Weather Service warns of another cold front set to reach the country this week following the recent icy conditions experienced. The SAWS regional forecast says an intense cold front will first hit the western parts of the Western Cape on Tuesday before moving into the Eastern Cape on Wednesday. The front will extend into the central interior and reach KwaZulu-Natal by Thursday.

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The Weather Service has advised the public to prepare for icy conditions as the cold front sets in over the interior of the Cape provinces on Wednesday. Snowfalls on the high grounds are possible, spreading towards KwaZulu-Natal and the Drakensberg by Thursday. The Citizen has reported that snowfall is likely over the Mpumalanga highveld and certain areas of the escarpment. On Friday, the Weather Service also anticipates icy conditions over the Free State, Gauteng, and the eastern parts of the North West province.

As the cold front approaches, residents in the affected regions must take necessary precautions to stay warm and safe. These precautions include dressing in layers, ensuring proper insulation in homes, and being cautious on the roads due to potentially hazardous conditions. The SAWS will monitor the situation and provide updates. Stay tuned for further weather advisories and take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones during this cold spell.

Source: Very cold weather expected in parts of SA next week


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