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City Power Remains on High Alert for Adverse Weather Conditions



City Power is on high alert for unpleasant weather

City Power is on high alert for unpleasant weather. Joburg Newsroom reports that the power utility is monitoring anticipated inclement weather conditions across their Service Delivery Centres (SDCs) in Johannesburg. According to the forecast by the South African Weather Service, a strong cold front, accompanied by wind and rainstorms, is expected from Saturday afternoon, 8 July, until Tuesday, 11 July, with a significant drop in temperatures. Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, stresses the potential increase in electricity demand during these weather conditions, which could strain the network and impact infrastructure and the mobility of technicians.

“Our teams are on high alert, and we will increase resources in high-pressure areas in a bid to minimise the disruption of power supply to our residential customers,” Mangena adds.

To mitigate potential outages caused by adverse weather, City Power is implementing preventive measures and allocating additional resources to their SDCs. Mangena urges residents to use electricity sparingly to prevent excessive demand and potential overloading.

“Customers are encouraged to explore alternative heating and cooking methods to alleviate strain on the grid,” says Mangena.

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To conserve electricity, he advises residents to switch off unused lights and appliances, particularly during peak hours. Additionally, Mangena recommends unplugging heavy appliances such as geysers, stoves, and heaters at least 15 minutes before power restoration to avoid inrush currents and trips.

However, Mangena cautions that load shedding and the anticipated adverse weather might delay repairs and restorations.

“Our teams may not be able to locate faults, conduct tests, or perform repairs during this time.”

City Power urges customers to promptly report any damage to infrastructure caused by severe weather or raise electricity-related queries through the dedicated helpline (011 490 7484) or by logging calls on the City Power mobile platform.

Residents can visit the City Power website for information and energy-saving tips. #KeepTheLightsOn.


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