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Community Collaboration Cleans Up Boeing Road (N3 Underpass)



Community Collaboration Cleans Up Boeing Road (N3 Underpass)

Local Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) Better Bedfordview and Residents Action Group (RAG) recently collaborated on a significant cleanup initiative targeting the Boeing Road N3 underpass. The Better Bedfordview team worked tirelessly to remove substantial piles of rubbish beneath the bridge, while RAG’s reaction team ensured the safety of the workers.

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RAG and the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF) attributed the extensive accumulation of garbage to homeless individuals residing under the bridge. Anjela da Silva, the chairperson of RAG, urged residents to scrutinise the distressing images of the rubbish and empathise with the living conditions.

Da Silva emphasised the impact of residents providing money, food, and goods to homeless individuals at intersections, stating that it neither helps the homeless nor contributes positively to the neighbourhood. Instead, she encouraged residents to donate to homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Marina Constas, chairperson of Better Bedfordview, echoed this plea, urging residents to refrain from giving money to beggars and the homeless on street corners. She emphasised the need to address the situation as the rubbish accumulated promptly.


Constas disclosed an ongoing collaboration with the Ekurhuleni Homeless Association to identify suitable locations for people experiencing homelessness. In the interim, she urged residents to stop supporting homeless individuals on the street, highlighting the negative consequences on resources, security, and property values.

Both organisations expressed gratitude for the community’s support and committed to regular cleanup efforts to maintain clean and safe streets. Residents seeking information on shelters and soup kitchens for donations can contact [email protected].

Source: Locals come together to clean up Boeing Road (N3 underpass)

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Photo: Supplied by Citizen

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