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VIP Member Reveals Deputy President Was Present in One of the Vehicles



Deputy President

Eight “bluelight brigade” members faced the Randburg Magistrates Court in Johannesburg after brutally assaulting three civilians on the N1 highway. One of the suspects claimed that Deputy President Paul Mashatile was present during the incident, although Mashatile denied this.

The suspects appeared in court wearing face masks, hoodies, and jackets to conceal their identities as reported by IOL. They remain in custody, and the State opposes their release on bail.

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Charged with 12 offenses, including assault and discharging a firearm, the suspects were caught on camera assaulting the victims near Fourways. The video’s viral spread brought attention to the “blue-light brigade” issue in the country.

During the court proceedings, the defence attorney argued against broadcasting the case, citing potential harm and national security concerns. The court allowed filming for the public interest.


An affidavit revealed that four off-duty military personnel were involved in the assault. The driver of the targeted vehicle feared being hijacked and continued driving while witnessing the aggressive behaviour.

One witness who shared the video received death threats and filed a charge of intimidation. The damaged car, worth about R95,000, has its owners considering deregistration due to safety concerns.

The accused failed to report the incident to their commander and demonstrated disregard for the country’s laws. Accused number five allegedly twisted the facts, claiming the victims were drunk and tried to flee.

Shadrack Kojoana, one of the suspects, detailed his personal circumstances and expressed that he wouldn’t pose a flight risk if granted bail. The accused will return to court for bail applications.

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