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Community Commended for Foiling Attempted Theft of Eskom Infrastructure



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Eskom thanked Klopperpark residents for protecting its infrastructure. On July 18, Ward 92 Clr Kade Guerreiro reported attempts to dig up Eskom’s infrastructure, suspected to be aimed at stealing 132kv cables.

Ronel Kotze of Eskom’s communication and stakeholder relations department thanked the local CPF for alerting them and confirmed that the hole dug by criminals had been closed. Eskom is putting measures in place to safeguard its electricity infrastructure, as any damage or theft of the cables could lead to a massive power outage affecting the City of Ekurhuleni and its customers.

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Eskom conducts risk assessments and collaborates with various stakeholders to combat theft and vandalism. But challenges arise as criminals often assault employees and guards, leading to repair delays and inconveniences for law-abiding customers and community service points.

The public is encouraged to report suspicious activities to the Eskom crime line or the nearest police station.


Source: Eskom praised locals for preventing theft of its infrastructure

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Picture: Twitter / African_TimesSA

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