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Disgruntled Diepsloot residents plan to take protest to Union Buildings



Diepsloot residents will visit the Union Buildings

Disgruntled Diepsloot residents will visit the Union Buildings on Wednesday to voice their anger and demand action.

Over the past two days, the community has been in turmoil, staging protests and blocking the N14 highway while reportedly setting fire to the homes of suspected criminals, according to Eyewitness News. Residents have expressed frustration over the alarming levels of gun violence, hijackings, and the absence of visible policing.

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With a sense of neglect from the government and broken promises, community leader Lefa Nkala stated that their last resort is to take their grievances directly to the Union Buildings, hoping for intervention from the president.

Diepsloot is just one of several communities within the City of Johannesburg that urgently seek a resolution to the pressing issues of crime and safety.


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