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Alert: Possible Ongoing Disruptions in Johannesburg CBD after Explosion




Localised transport disruptions are anticipated to continue in Johannesburg CBD throughout July, resulting from an explosion that occurred on Lilian Ngoyi Street (formerly Bree Street) on July 19. The explosion led to the tragic death of one person and caused injuries to 48 others at approximately 17:45 as reported by Crisis 24.

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The incident caused significant damage to the roadway and numerous vehicles. Currently, the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, with authorities considering the possibility of a gas explosion due to either pipe leakage or natural gas. Emergency services have taken precautionary measures by closing Lilian Ngoyi Street and evacuating the surrounding vicinity.

Transport and business activities in the affected area may experience disruptions for several days. Moreover, utility services like electricity, gas, and water are also expected to face disruptions as repair crews work on restoring local infrastructure. Authorities will continue their investigation into the incident to ascertain its cause.

For your safety, it is strongly advised to avoid the incident site until authorities give the all-clear. To navigate the impacted area and any related disruptions, consider alternative routes. Remain vigilant and follow any instructions or guidance provided by local officials during this period.


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