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Elon Musk Urges Ramaphosa to Address Malema’s ‘Kill the Boer’ Chant



Elon Musk has urged Ramaphosa to address Malema over racist chant

Elon Musk has urged Ramaphosa to address Malema over his racist chant during the EFF’s 10th-anniversary rally. The chant encourages the murder of white Boer farmers and has sparked concerns about its divisive and violent nature. A video of the chant has made its way onto Twitter / X courtesy of Benny Johnson.

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Musk’s call for action comes amid growing regional tensions and social unrest. The controversial chant has garnered significant national and international attention, raising questions about its potential impact on race relations and stability in South Africa.

As a prominent figure with global influence, Musk’s statement has added weight to the need for a response from the South African government regarding this matter.

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Picture: Twitter / theHirohito


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