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EFF ‘Kill the Boer’ Song: Equality Court Ruled It Does Not Constitute Hate Speech



Kill the boer song is not hate speech

Last year’s judgment in the Equality Court at the Johannesburg High Court ruled that the Kill the boer song is not hate speech. ‘Dubul’ ibhunu’, translated as “Shoot the boer” or “Kill the boer”, was a song used by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema when he led students of the University of Johannesburg in a chant. According to an article by IOL from last year, the case was brought before the court by AfriForum, arguing that the song incites violence and fuels farm murders.

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However, the court found that AfriForum failed to prove its case and dismissed it. In response to the judgment, the EFF celebrated its victory by singing the same song.

Over the weekend, during the EFF’s 10th-anniversary rally, Malema led the same chant, reviving complaints against him for using the controversial song.

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