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Eskom’s Load Limiting Project Brings Relief to Fourways, Johannesburg Residents with Continuous Power Supply



Eskom's load limiting project is keeping lights on in Fourways

Eskom’s load limiting project is keeping lights on in Fourways. SABC News reports that residents are experiencing fewer power cuts thanks to this project, which involves the installation of smart meters in homes.

The meters allow customers to continue using essential appliances and keep the lights on during stages 1 to 4 rolling blackouts.

The project’s phase one began in Fourways last month, and Eskom plans to roll out the meters in every home in South Africa for R 15 billion over the next few years.

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According to Edison Lokorela, a Senior Engineering Consultant at Eskom, the project benefits residents and the power utility. “Instead of cutting you off completely during load shedding, we use load limiting as a schedule,” he says. “We reduce the output during load shedding schedule times to 10 pm, which is equivalent to 2300 watts. We get the benefit of reduced power, we get some power back into the network, and customers are not completely in the dark. They can still have the lights on, TV of course, you cannot run the geyser and you cannot cook.”


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Picture: Unsplash / Rodion Kutsaiev

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