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Joburg, JRA and Vodacom Join Forces to Keep Traffic Lights Operational During Load-Shedding



Johannesburg and the JRA have joined with Vodacom

In response to public outcry over the presence of unofficial “pointsmen” at intersections, the City of Johannesburg and the JRA have joined with Vodacom to ensure uninterrupted operation of traffic lights during load-shedding.

TimesLIVE reports that under this new partnership, Vodacom will provide backup power to critical intersections near its campus in Midrand, precisely on 13th Road and Vodacom Boulevard (entrance and exit) and Lever Road and Vodacom Boulevard. By sourcing power from adjacent Vodacom buildings, traffic lights in these areas will remain functional, mitigating congestion and improving road safety.

Sitho Mdlalose, CEO of Vodacom, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Motorists spend an extended amount of time stuck in traffic because of non-functioning traffic lights. And when people are running late, this hinders their productivity, which affects our economy and causes a rise in criminal activity and accidents.” Mdlalose further expressed the shared goal of driving efficiency and safety on the roads while actively seeking opportunities to address socioeconomic challenges through strategic partnerships with the government.

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Zweli Nyathi, the acting CEO of the JRA, acknowledged the importance of Lever Road and other class 3 arterials as crucial network connectors within Midrand, facilitating traffic flow between various suburban areas and major routes such as New Road and the N1 freeway. Nyathi expressed his delight at formalizing the partnership with Vodacom, highlighting its positive impact on relieving load-shedding traffic congestion for the approximately 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles travelling in both directions on Lever Road during peak hours.


In addition to this collaboration, the JRA has received numerous requests from corporations, schools, and NGOs across Johannesburg willing to support the agency in keeping the city’s traffic lights operational during load-shedding. Joburg transport MMC Kenny Kunene expressed his enthusiasm for such partnerships, stating, “This joining of hands with Vodacom and the 39 other service level agreements that are in progress are a positive boost to growing our local economy as less time in congested traffic means more productive time at the office, the factory, and the school.”

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Previously, the transport committee explored possibilities with the banking group Investec to power traffic signals using backup generators and solar energy. Furthermore, plans are underway to fast-track a program to train young individuals to manage traffic, ensuring competent and skilled road personnel. Discussions with the private sector will also enhance these efforts.

With the combined efforts of the City of Johannesburg, the JRA, and strategic partnerships like the one with Vodacom, steps are being taken to address traffic congestion challenges during load-shedding, ultimately benefiting road users and promoting a more efficient and productive environment within the city.

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