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Exploring the Concept of ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ in Titan Submerisble




The Titan submersible’s fate was sealed by a powerful and swift “catastrophic implosion,” triggered by the immense water pressure at the ocean floor. Resting at a staggering depth of approximately 3,800 meters in the North Atlantic, the remains of the Titanic served as a haunting reminder of the unforgiving forces beneath the waves as reported by IOL.

While atmospheric pressure at sea level measures around 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi), the water pressure experienced at the Titanic’s resting place reaches an astonishing 400 atmospheres, equivalent to nearly 6,000 psi. To put this into perspective, the force exerted by the bite of a large great white shark is approximately 4,000 psi, as reported by Scientific American.

The 5 passengers on the Titan submersible

Source: Facebook / @ CBC

In the event of an implosion caused by hull defects or other factors, the submersible would undergo a rapid and catastrophic collapse, crushed by the overwhelming water pressure within milliseconds. Those within the pressurized chamber would face instant and unavoidable fatality.

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The ill-fated Titan, constructed by OceanGate Inc. based in Everett, Washington, was specifically engineered to withstand the extreme water pressure at a depth of the Titanic wreck and had successfully completed prior dives to the site. However, safety concerns had been raised, particularly through a lawsuit involving David Lochridge, OceanGate’s former director of marine operations, who was terminated in 2018 after raising concerns about the “experimental” carbon fibre hull used in the Titan’s construction.

Roderick Smith, an esteemed engineering professor from Imperial College, London, speculated that the accident likely resulted from a “failure of the pressure hull.” A comprehensive investigation will require the retrieval of debris to shed light on the exact cause, although this may prove challenging given the violent nature of the implosion..

The Titanic

Source: Facebook / @ CBC

Smith further explained that the intensity of the implosion may complicate the determination of the precise sequence of events leading to the submersible’s demise. Unravelling this tragic incident’s mysteries will require meticulous analysis and examination of available evidence.

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Photo: Facebook / @CBC

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