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ANC’s Focus on Illegal Foreigners Ahead of 2024 Elections



Fikile Mbalula - ANC

Amidst the growing anticipation of the 2024 elections in South Africa, the political landscape is intensifying, particularly within the ANC, as a recent controversy surrounding Lesufi’s #NasiIspani campaign prompts strategic shifts in their approach. Fikile Mbalula, a figure who has faced considerable criticism for his performance in various governmental roles, has now placed the spotlight on the issue of illegal foreigners, emphasising it as a significant problem within the country as reported by Opera News.

Having previously encountered dissatisfaction with his leadership in multiple departments, Mbalula’s current stance on the challenges of illegal immigrants marks a notable departure for the ANC. This change in narrative aligns with the party’s objective of gaining public support and addressing crucial concerns in preparation for the upcoming elections.

Nevertheless, South Africans have become increasingly sceptical of the ANC’s tactics, especially considering past disappointments experienced during Mbalula’s tenure. Critics argue that the party’s sudden shift in focus toward illegal foreigners is merely a political manoeuvre aimed at securing votes rather than a genuine commitment to effectively addressing the issue.

The South African public, becoming more informed and engaged, has expressed determination not to be swayed by what they perceive as “cheap ANC tricks.” Years of dissatisfaction with the party’s governance and performance have cultivated a growing scepticism and a strong yearning for substantial change.

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While Mbalula’s recognition of the challenges posed by illegal foreigners may strike a chord with some citizens, there remains a level of scepticism regarding the ANC’s ability to effectively tackle the issue. Many South Africans seek concrete actions and solutions rather than empty promises and political posturing.

Approaching the 2024 elections, the ANC faces the imperative task of demonstrating its commitment to delivering tangible results and addressing the concerns of South African citizens. The electorate, well aware of the country’s challenges, demands transparency, accountability, and genuine efforts to enhance the quality of life for its people.

Only time will reveal whether the ANC’s shift in rhetoric and focus on illegal foreigners will sufficiently convince a sceptical electorate. The forthcoming elections will serve as a crucial juncture for South Africa, determining its trajectory and holding its leaders accountable for the promises made throughout the campaign trail.

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