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Joburg Mayor Takes Charge of Ad-hoc Flash Floods Recovery Committee



Flash Floods Recovery Committee

The oversight visit began in Meadowlands, where 400 houses were heavily affected by the heavy rains damaging property and infrastructure. The Flash Floods Recovery Committee, led by the City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda, assessed the impact of the floods that occurred last December in Soweto. Joined by Provincial and National government members and officials from the City of Johannesburg, the committee gathered at the Soweto Theatre to receive briefings on the extent of damages caused by the floods and the recovery interventions implemented over the past six months.

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The committee’s mission is to realign, restructure, and fix the issues that arose during the disaster, as Mayor Gwamanda highlighted in his opening remarks. The floods considered the worst widespread hailstorms in the city, resulted in extensive destruction to infrastructure and residential properties, causing the loss of 16 lives.

The committee aims to ensure that necessary services are provided to affected communities before the next rainy season begins, with a target completion date set for September 2023. The committee will conduct a follow-up visit to assess the progress made by that time and to address any ongoing recovery needs.

Source: Joburg Mayor leads Ad-hoc committee into flash floods recovery


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