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Ward councillors unimpressed by City of Johannesburg executive mayor’s speech



Joburg mayor's speech did not inspire ward councillors

Joburg mayor’s speech did not inspire ward councillors, as they expressed their disappointment and lack of enthusiasm following Kabelo Gwamanda’s State of the City address delivered on June 6.

In his address, Gwamanda acknowledged the challenges brought about by the city’s new political landscape governed by various coalitions, resulting in unprecedented instability and hindered effective governance.

However, Al Jamah-ah’s members highlighted that the mayor failed to address crucial issues faced by Johannesburg residents, such as spatial inequality, high unemployment rates, lack of affordable housing, inefficient transport, and high crime rates.

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The DA’s caucus leader, Belinda Echeozonjoku, criticised the mayor for being out of touch with reality. In his speech, he noted that Gwamanda had not adequately tackled critical areas like Joburg Water and Health and Social Development. Concerns were raised about water outages, open trenches posing dangers, shortage of shelters for the homeless, and lack of support for vulnerable individuals and families.


Despite these criticisms, Gwamanda highlighted positive financial aspects, stating that the GLU audited financial statements showed a healthy cash balance of R6.6 billion at the end of June 2021. However, he also revealed the alarming discovery of over R6 billion in unpaid supplier invoices upon assuming office, emphasising the need for a financially stable municipality to fulfil its core mandate of delivering essential services.

Source: Local ward councillors are not inspired by City of Joburg Executive Mayor’s speech

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