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Caution Urged in Heavy Rainfall for Affected Communities



The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has urged communities to exercise additional caution as heavy rainfall persists across various regions.

The Western Cape has experienced relentless downpours and a cold front for the past three days, resulting in widespread flooding as reported by SA News.

The DWS advises people to take precautions when crossing low-lying bridges, avoid recreational activities near dams, streams, rivers, and other water systems, refrain from parking under trees due to the risk of falling branches damaging cars, ensure that car windows are securely closed while driving, and drive slowly and attentively as road accidents are more common during the winter season.

Among the areas severely affected by flooding and heavy rain, Ceres and Citrusdal in the Western Cape have borne the brunt of the impact.

This has led to infrastructure damage and the closure of access roads. The Western Cape Provincial Government, in collaboration with the Department of Infrastructure, has been working tirelessly to restore and reopen these roads, prioritising public safety.


While the main road 310 (MR310) between Citrusdal and Ceres has been partially reopened for passenger vehicles, caution is urged, and compliance with instructions and road signage is essential. Although progress has been made, there are still developing potholes that could pose risks, and monitoring of the situation is ongoing. Nevertheless, this partial reopening provides an entry and exit route for Citrusdal.

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A dedicated team, including three helicopters, specialised four-wheel drive vehicles, and a command-and-control aircraft, has been deployed to Citrusdal to assist affected communities. Gift of the Givers, a humanitarian organisation, has provided disaster relief supplies such as food, water, blankets, and other necessities. The team will remain responsive to additional requests for assistance throughout their operation.

Unfortunately, poor weather conditions have temporarily grounded the helicopters, but they will promptly reach Citrusdal as soon as conditions permit.

MEC Anton Bredell, responsible for Local Government, Environmental Affairs, and Development Planning in the Western Cape, emphasised the importance of residents avoiding river crossings and low-lying areas. While large bridges on major roads have visible law enforcement personnel guiding motorists, the many smaller river crossings in the province cannot be continuously monitored.


In the interest of personal safety, Bredell urges residents to refrain from crossing rivers at this time. Flash floods can occur suddenly and without warning, becoming life-threatening within seconds if individuals are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The government and emergency response teams are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected communities. They will continue to work diligently to mitigate the impact of the heavy rains and flooding.

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Photo: Facebook / @South African Government News

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