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Suspected Forex Scammer Sought by South African Police



The alleged suspect Blaine Joseph who is wanted by the police

Blaine Joseph’s mirthful journey to the bank starkly contrasts the tearful plight of his victims, who find themselves bereft of their hard-earned funds, victims of his alleged duplicitous forex investment stratagems. Nevertheless, the tide has turned, for Joseph now stands as a fugitive from justice, pursued by the relentless efforts of Sandton’s law enforcement, who have, in response, issued a warrant for his apprehension.

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The police’s narrative paints Joseph as the proprietor of a trading enterprise christened Billion Forex Investments, an entity wielded as a weapon to ensnare numerous victims, many of whom inhabit the Fourways and Sandton domains, lured into entrusting their finances.

Stepping onto the scene with determination, the Sandton police have enlisted the services of a discrete investigator, Royal Investigations, tasked with conducting a meticulous inquiry into Joseph’s purportedly fraudulent forays into the forex realm.

“The aftermath of his stratagem lies riddled with destruction, its wake marked by multitudes of unsuspecting investors ensnared, ensnared and subjected to grievous financial misfortunes,” elucidates John Alexander, a voice of authority from the precincts of Royal Investigations. “Amidst Joseph’s opulent existence, where red-carpet affairs and a sapphire-hued Bentley abound, the contrast is acutely distressing, as scores of unassuming investors grapple with the aftermath of his perfidious financial exploits.”


Amidst the clamour of his asserted triumphs in forex trading, evidence arises that Billion Forex Investments is bereft of registration with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), rendering it devoid of the requisite legal imprimatur to dispense investment counsel or effect forex transactions on behalf of others. Notably, a separate instance of fraud, investigated by Lyttleton SAPS (case number CAS 577/12/2019), simmers in the background. In this regard, the victims have secured a resounding victory, a High Court Judgment granted to fifteen plaintiffs, amassing a staggering sum of R12,150,851 in damages.

Through this judicial pronouncement, Alexander contends, the gravity of Joseph’s alleged perfidy stands vividly illuminated, accentuating the profound suffering borne by innocent individuals who sought only legitimate investment avenues.

Unearthing yet another layer of his alleged machinations, it emerges that Joseph is an active participant in Telegram groups, casting a dragnet for additional unsuspecting victims. With an earnest plea, Alexander beseeches anyone ensnared by his schemes or harbouring knowledge of his present whereabouts to muster their courage and collaborate with the authorities. The clarion call for public support resonates powerfully, echoing the imperative of bringing Blaine Joseph to the bar of justice. Evading the long arm of law enforcement, Joseph’s subversion proves a formidable challenge, thus amplifying the need for an unequivocal reckoning with the legal consequences of his actions.

A rallying cry is sounded by the police, urging those possessing pertinent information to engage with Royal Investigations at 071 915 4321 or, if preferred, to convey tips to Crime Stop at 08600 10111 discreetly. The channels are open, and the pursuit of justice marches onward.

Source: Alleged forex fraudster wanted by SAPS


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Photo: Supplied by Fourways Review

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