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Centurion Residents to Clean Up Rubbish-Infested Rooihuiskraal Road



Centurion Residents to Clean Up Rubbish-Infested Rooihuiskraal Road

Residents of the Centurion suburb of Rooihuiskraal are banding together to address the mounting issue of rubbish along Rooihuiskraal Road, which has become an eyesore and potential traffic disruption. The Pretoria News recently highlighted the accumulation of waste along the roadside due to the ongoing municipal strike that has hindered proper waste management and service delivery as reported by IOL.

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The buildup of rubbish alongside the busy road has prompted concerns about its impact on traffic flow. The situation is exacerbated by the ongoing municipal strike, which has led to the closure of the garden refuse site across the road for two weeks.

City of Tshwane’s ward 69 councillor, Cindy Billson, acknowledged the problem and assured the community that steps were being taken to address it promptly. She expressed the intention to mobilise residents in the area to contribute to the cleanup effort.

Billson emphasised that the garden waste site’s closure was due to its full capacity and the unavailability of contractors for waste removal, citing the strike as a major obstacle. She reminded residents that the site is designated for garden waste only and urged them not to dispose of any other forms of waste there.


Acknowledging the community’s mixed response to the issue, Billson highlighted that some residents were apathetic towards the rubbish while others were deeply concerned and willing to assist with the cleanup.

Amidst the situation, representatives from residential estates’ body corporates were observed monitoring the area. Billson noted that property owners were understandably frustrated by the mounting waste issue.

To combat the problem of illegal dumping and raise awareness, a message was shared on the Rooiskraalhuis Facebook page. This message emphasised the need to prevent the garden refuse site’s surroundings from becoming a “free-for-all dump site.” The group aimed to increase awareness and accountability among local authorities and residents about responsible waste disposal practices.

In a plea to residents, Billson requested that dumping at the Rooihuiskraal Garden Site be halted. She urged residents to report any instances of illegal dumping and emphasised the importance of keeping garden waste on their own properties for the time being.

To address waste collection concerns, Billson assured residents that waste collection would continue on Wednesdays and efforts would prioritise areas that have faced prolonged neglect.


A resident affected by the recurring illegal dumping expressed frustration, highlighting that this was the third instance in recent years and conveying a strong sentiment of dissatisfaction with the situation.

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