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Johannesburg Water Resolves Decade-Long Leak Issue in Bordeaux



Phineas Glamanie spoke about being unhappy with all the wasted water during the regular water leaks

Long beset by an alleged decade-long leak in the Bordeaux area, a water pipe has finally seen repair courtesy of Johannesburg Water. However, as the droplets cease their steady descent, a new issue emerges – the residents’ wait to remove the remnants left behind since the entity concluded its work in June.

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The sequence of events is illuminated by the response of Johannesburg Water’s communication and marketing team, who stated on August 4. A Randburg Sun article prompted this rejoinder published two weeks prior, on July 16. The article had sought commentary from the entity ahead of its deadline but was left with no alternative but to publish the story without their input.

Clarifying the context, Johannesburg Water’s statement encapsulated the situation. “The article above alludes to several instances of pipe bursts over the years, impacting Garden Village—an elderly care home situated at 72 Garden Road, Bordeaux. Specific mention is made of a water pipe on Garden Road, which ostensibly has been seeping for a span of ten years,” the statement explains.

The statement then dissects the article’s assertions, characterising them as vague in their representation of the timeline of leak incidents. Johannesburg Water asserts its reliance on the community’s reporting of leaks, employing reference numbers to monitor progress in rectifying water-related concerns. The entity’s argument surfaces a notable gap in the article – a solitary mention of a prior leak in June 2022, with no allusion to other occurrences spanning the last decade.


Adding further context, the statement unveils the journey of reference numbers. The call’s initial reference number (800 595 3093) was generated by the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) on April 20 and subsequently verified by Johannesburg Water’s customer care officer on May 2. The entity then crafted new reference numbers (404285100 and 404288107) specifically for the backfilling operation at 72 Garden Road in Bordeaux.

Continuing its narrative, the statement details the pipe’s leakage repair saga. Despite the initial repair attempt, the pipe was found to be still leaking, prompting the creation of a follow-up task. This secondary endeavour resulted in the repair of the leak on June 2. Subsequently, the case was entrusted to a reinstatement contractor for further action. It’s worth noting that this progress was communicated to the CoJ Ombudsman in June 2023, confirming that the state of 72 Garden Road, Garden Village, had been duly addressed.

The statement segues into future endeavours, revealing plans for a pipe replacement initiative scheduled for the fiscal year 2023/24. This ambitious undertaking is currently in its design phase, awaiting the allocation of funds before implementation can commence.

A voice from the community, Colin Glajchen, offers his perspective in response. He reveals a history of logged calls with Johannesburg Water, all previously closed. He acknowledges the recent repair of the leak, expressing optimism for its lasting resolution. However, he introduces a fresh concern – the persistent rubble left abandoned two months ago. He notes its weightiness, making it impractical for residents to remove. Glajchen’s hope is palpable, resting on the entity’s return to rectify this remaining issue.

The matter’s conclusion remains uncertain, prompting a quest for further elucidation from Johannesburg Water. An inquiry, lodged on August 8, seeks clarity regarding the prospective removal of the rubble, along with a tentative timeline for its resolution.


Source: Johannesburg Water repairs ’10-year-old leak’ in Bordeaux

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Photo: Supplied by Randburg Sun

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