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Joburg mayor confident in city’s budget amidst challenges



gwamanda is confident of city's budget

Kabelo Gwamanda is confident of the city’s budget. The Johannesburg Mayor is sure the budget will be adopted today, signalling a positive outlook for Johannesburg’s financial stability. According to SABC News, this assurance comes after Finance MMC, Dada Morero, delivered the City of Johannesburg’s 2023 budget speech, shedding light on the critical financial requirements to sustain operations and provide essential services to residents.

In his address, Morero outlined the proposed budget for the 2023/2024 fiscal year, amounting to a substantial R80.9 billion. He underscored that the city’s operational expenditure is R73.3 billion, leaving a narrow margin of funds to address outstanding debts and financial obligations.

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Mayor Gwamanda unequivocally stated, “The notion of the city being placed under administration is not even up for discussion at this stage, in my opinion.” He further emphasised that the budget is scheduled for presentation and approval today, and the government has wholeheartedly accepted it. Recognising the challenges posed by the need for budget cuts in various areas, Gwamanda affirmed the government’s commitment to taking necessary measures to benefit Johannesburg’s residents. With an unwavering stance, he expressed contentment with the proposed way forward.

As the deliberations and decision-making process unfolds, Johannesburg anticipates a positive outcome regarding adopting the city’s budget. The assurance and confidence expressed by Mayor Gwamanda reflect an unwavering commitment to navigate the financial landscape and address the needs and aspirations of the people of Johannesburg.


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