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Johannesburg water receives over R15 billion allocation to repair network



Joburg Water received a R15b budget

Joburg Water received a R15b budget. During his budget speech in Braamfontein, Johannesburg Finance MMC Dada Morero announced this development to address the persistent water supply issues in the city. According to SACB News, the allocated budget will primarily focus on maintaining the city’s ageing water infrastructure, ensuring its proper functioning.

Morero emphasised that a significant portion of the budget, approximately R3.1 billion, has been allocated as a multi-year capital budget for Johannesburg Water. Out of this amount, R2.6 billion will be for general infrastructure improvements. At the same time, R514 million will specifically target water and sewer projects. Johannesburg Finance is aiming these allocations at augmenting the water supply capacity and rejuvenating the ageing water infrastructure within the city.

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A tariff increase of 9.3% has been implemented based on the pass-through cost of water purchases from Rand Water to support these efforts. This tariff adjustment will enable Johannesburg Water to generate the necessary funds to invest in the water network’s maintenance and enhancement.

By prioritising the maintenance of water infrastructure, Johannesburg Water aims to address the challenges associated with water supply and ensure a reliable and sustainable water provision for the city’s residents. The allocated budget reflects the municipality’s commitment to tackling water-related issues and improving Johannesburg’s water service delivery.


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