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City of Johannesburg struggles with limited funding despite ambitious plans



Johannesburg wants to spend R80.9 billion

Despite its challenging financial situation, Johannesburg wants to spend R80.9 billion to deliver services and cover costs for the upcoming financial year. Moneyweb reports that the city’s budget, presented by MMC for Finance Dada Morero, highlights the dire state of its finances, with significant debt and poor revenue collection.

The budget allocates R73.3 billion for operational expenditure and R7.6 billion for capital expenditure. The city is pleading with the private sector to collaborate and maximise the impact of every cent to address the financial challenges.

While property rates will only increase by 2%, the city aims to generate additional revenue from electricity sales and higher tariffs for water, sanitation, and refuse services.

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The budget prioritises core municipal services, allocating funds to water and energy infrastructure, waste management, human settlement, community development, health, social development, and economic growth initiatives.


The city acknowledges the need for partnership with residents to protect infrastructure and effectively utilise the limited resources the budget provides.

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Picture: Twitter / CityofJoburgZA

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