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Improved Accessibility to Victoria Falls with New Flight Route



Improved Accessibility to Victoria Falls with New Flight Route

Victoria Falls, a renowned tourist attraction situated on the Zambezi River and spanning Zimbabwe and Zambia, is set to become even more accessible for South African travellers.

This development may lead to increased competition in fares for this exciting destination as reported by SA People News.

Victoria Falls: A Tourism Gem
Victoria Falls, known as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, draws visitors from across the globe.

As international tourism enters a recovery phase, there is a gradual rise in tourist flows to popular destinations worldwide.

Victoria Falls is witnessing a resurgence in international visitors, creating a demand for additional flights to this remarkable tourist spot.


Flights to Victoria Falls
While several airlines, including South African Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Fastjet, and Airlink, currently serve this sought-after destination, there remains a need for more flight options.

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Following the discontinuation of British Airways last year, seat capacity has decreased not only in South Africa but also for regional routes, including those to Victoria Falls.

Introducing a New Route
CemAir is expanding its scheduled flight network and adding another route to its repertoire.

Scheduled flights to the latest destination in their regional route network will commence on August 9th.


Flight Schedule
The route will be served four times a week, with flights operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Departing from Johannesburg at 11:20, the flights will arrive in Victoria Falls at 13:00.

Return flights will depart Victoria Falls at 13:00 and arrive in Johannesburg at 15:10.

Network Expansion
CemAir is currently in a phase of expansion, actively seeking to add new routes to its network.

According to Tourism Update, the airline has applied to the International Air Services Council (IASC) to obtain rights to serve other regional destinations.


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