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Joburg EMS Warns of Fire Risks Following Tragic Deaths of Two Children in Soweto



Johannesburg EMS issued a fire warning

Johannesburg EMS issued a fire warning as households in the city battled load shedding and tried to keep warm during freezing weather conditions. According to The Citizen, this cautionary statement comes after a tragic incident in Soweto where a house fire claimed the lives of two children. In the early hours of Thursday morning, the City of Joburg Emergency Management Services swiftly responded to a structural fire at Doornkop. EMS spokesperson Nana Radebe revealed that preliminary investigations pointed to an “open light” as the cause of the fire. The family and community members had managed to extinguish the bedroom fire, where they discovered the two bodies. But an 18-month-old toddler and a five-year-old tragically lost their lives due to an unattended candle igniting their sleeping mattress.

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Radebe highlighted that residents must take extra precautions to use heating appliances safely. Most of these incidents occur by open flames and unsafe practices with heating appliances. In light of this, the Emergency Management Services urgently urges communities to exercise caution and avoid leaving candles unattended, especially during load shedding when electrical heating appliances are likely to put additional pressure on the grid.

The EMS remains on high alert to respond to any emergencies that may arise. Robert Mulaudzi, the spokesperson for Joburg EMS, stressed the importance of taking precautions against the freezing conditions during this bitter winter. The EMS closely monitors all seven city regions, ensuring their readiness to respond promptly to emergencies that might occur throughout Johannesburg.

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