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Residents in Fear as Another CBD Blast Adds to Johannesburg’s Woes



Johannesburg residents are living in fear

Johannesburg residents are living in fear. Braamfontein locals recently voiced their concerns about the perils of residing in a hazardous metropolis, especially following another explosion in the Johannesburg CBD.

According to Emergency Management Services (EMS), this latest explosion occurred while Egoli Gas employees were conducting maintenance on their pipelines during peak-hour traffic. EWN reports that the incident injured five people, and a truck and a building near the Nelson Mandela Bridge went up in flames.

Remarkably, this marked the second explosion in the city within just two months. Understandably, residents are growing increasingly anxious.

One resident expressed the prevailing sentiment: “What I’m seeing is too much. Just last week, more than 100 people died just down here, then the other day, the building took fire – we are scared.”

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Andrew Bannister, a business owner and the founder of the Bannister Hotel, believes that the city’s evident deterioration is a ticking time bomb. He lamented, “I’ve had enough. Going to Johannesburg, everything feels like it’s falling apart.”

In response, the City of Johannesburg has pressured Egoli Gas to ensure rigorous maintenance of its systems. This approach not only prevents future accidents but also minimises the risk of leaks and explosions in the future.

It’s worth noting that this anxiety among Johannesburg residents follows closely on the heels of another tragic incident. Just a week ago, a devastating fire swept through a dilapidated hijacked building in Marshalltown, claiming the lives of 77 people.

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