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Motorists Advised to Exercise Caution Due to Reduced Road Visibility During JHB Snowfall



Johannesburg snowfall is hampering road visibility

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) says that the Johannesburg snowfall is hampering road visibility and urges residents to exercise caution.

According to Eyewitness News, the agency has reported congestion caused by the widespread snowfall and advised motorists to drive slower than usual.

Xolani Fihla from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department also issued a warning, highlighting that the frosty weather has left roads wet and slippery since Sunday night.

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In light of these conditions, Fihla advised motorists to reduce their speed, keep both hands on the steering wheel, maintain a safe following distance, and switch on their headlamps for better visibility to see and be visible.


Furthermore, Nana Radebe, spokesperson for Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, called on residents to be extra careful when using heating devices, as it is around this time that they respond to most fires and record a high number of fatalities. Radebe emphasized the importance of taking necessary precautions and not leaving heaters and stoves unattended.

The South African Weather Service has since updated its forecast for the week, announcing a 30% chance of rain and snowfall in the city throughout the day.

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Picture: Twitter / MolisanaRE


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