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Head-on Collision in Florida Raises Concerns about JMPD Resources



Florida collision victim questioned JMPD's resources

A Florida collision victim questioned JMPD’s resources. Farhad Sardiwalla is a volunteer servant of the community and is still fuming after what he believes was mistreatment at the accident scene.

Farhad Sardiwalla was on patrol along Golf Club Terrace at around 22:30 on June 15 when a vehicle on the wrong side struck him. The incident occurred across from Len Rutter Park, and to add to the oncoming vehicle’s lack of proper navigation, the Isuzu bakkie was barreling through the streets with its headlights off.

Sardiwalla sustained a broken arm, severe leg bruising, and his Golf will have to be scrapped. As the chairperson of the Florida Community Policing Forum (CPF), Sardiwalla has immediate access to a vast network in the area. Recounting the events, he explained, “I managed to exit the vehicle and called for assistance. Within minutes, security personnel and first responders reached and secured the scene. Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) was called to the accident scene.”

While waiting for authorities, Sardiwalla contacted the other driver and was adamant that the man had been consuming alcohol. When JMPD officers arrived, they interviewed both parties, and the two officers took the statements of the two drivers, with Sardiwalla requesting that the officers test the other man for alcohol.

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“The officer replied that he cannot as he did not have a breathalyser unit,” claimed Sardiwalla.

Well-versed in the relevant procedures, Sardiwalla requested the officers to test the driver’s blood, but they also declined that request. “Lastly, I asked if he was going to arrest the driver of the Isuzu for reckless and negligent driving, but he replied ‘no’ and proceeded to his vehicle and left,” Sardiwalla further claimed. He has since lodged complaints with the JMPD, seeking feedback regarding the lack of breathalysers and the failure to administer a blood test or arrest the man.

JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla addressed the shortage of breathalysers, stating, “Ideally, it would be great to have a breathalyser in every vehicle, but we don’t have enough to do so. At most times, supervisors on shift will keep the breathalyser, and when the officers need to utilise it, the supervisor will be called to the scene for officers to inspect the suspected drunk driver. JMPD also uses Evidentiary Breath Alcohol Testing (EBAT) breathalysers, which give an immediate print-out of the driver’s alcohol level, eliminating the need for a blood sample. EBAT breathalysers are permitted by the court.”

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Regarding blood testing, Fihla explained, “If the officer reasonably suspects that the motorist is under the influence of alcohol and in the absence of a breathalyser, the blood sample of the motorist can be taken by a registered nurse. JMPD has not experienced a shortage of breathalysers, especially for drunken driving operations. Instead, the department has experienced a shortage of blood sample kits at times, due to a national shortage.”


Sardiwalla, who spends many hours a week in the company of authorities attempting to reduce crime, is perplexed that drivers worthy of arrest are slipping through the law’s fingers due to a lack of resources. “Having responded to many accidents in the Florida area, the service received by some JMPD officers on many scenes seems to follow the above pattern, and most community members are afraid to complain,” he stated.

Several weeks later, at the scene, a frustrated Sardiwalla looked over the vehicle debris still on the centre median.

“What if your family member is involved in an incident like that and the driver just gets away?” he questioned. Wondering why matters always reach crisis proportions, he asked, “What happens when someone dies? How will we administer justice?”

Source: Victim in Florida head-on collision raises questions about JMPD resources

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