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Fontainebleau Leak Finally Resolved by Joburg Water



leak in Fontainebleau

Joburg Water has finally resolved the leak in Fontainebleau, bringing relief to residents and businesses in the area. Nombuso Shabalala, spokesperson for Johannesburg Water, highlighted the entity’s commitment to addressing the backlog of maintenance issues. The water leak beneath the brick fence on Maria Street had been a source of frustration for Honey-Veld Transport over the past month. Concerns were raised about potential damage to the pavement and escalating water bills. Anne Walters, an employee at the company, expressed dismay over the delayed response to their reports of the leak, which began on December 14. The issue remained unresolved despite repeated notifications to the ward councillor and management department.

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The leak severely impacted the company’s operations, forcing them to close water access and inconveniencing staff residing on the premises. Shabalala confirmed that operational challenges delayed the resolution while the incident was reported in December. However, she added that repairs were complete, and an agreement was reached with the customer regarding property damages. The successful resolution underscores Joburg Water’s ongoing efforts to address infrastructure issues and improve service delivery.

Source: Joburg Water finally fixes the leak in Fontainebleau

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Picture: Pixabay / Rajesh Balouria

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