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Joburg and Tshwane Water Supply Affected by Higher Stages of Load Shedding and Scorching Temperatures



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Higher stages of load shedding and scorching temperatures are affecting the water supply in Joburg and Tshwane metros. Per EWN, residents are urged to reduce water consumption amid the risk of low water levels and taps running dry. Gauteng’s water supply is at risk of depletion.

The City of Joburg and Tshwane report that their water towers are under strain due to prolonged power cuts, compounded by last week’s scorching temperatures increasing water demand. Reservoirs, especially in high-lying areas, are not filling up fast enough as water needs to be pumped to reach taps.

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Eskom’s stage 6 load shedding has impacted various services, including water supply. Some water pump stations require a consistent electricity supply to feed the metro’s water towers. City of Tshwane spokesperson Sipho Stuurman emphasised the need for residents to adhere to level 1 water restrictions to maintain a steady water supply.

Both metros have issued appeals for residents to decrease water usage.


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Picture: Pixabay / Rajesh Balouria

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