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Lira’s Remarkable Comeback and Overcoming a Stroke




Renowned singer Lerato “Lira” Molapo has made a remarkable comeback after experiencing a stroke last year.

Lira has been keeping her fans updated on her health progress and has finally decided to share her story, responding to the curiosity of those who have been asking about her journey as reported by IOL.

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During an interview on Radio 702, Lira recounted how she suddenly lost the ability to speak, read, or write while physically appearing normal during a performance trip to Germany.

“I wasn’t ready to speak in a conversation, but now I am ready, and my speech impediment doesn’t bother me; it did before, but it doesn’t bother me. I am here to share my story. I get surprised by how much progress I am making, and today is a good day,” Lira shared.


She revealed that she became aware of her critical condition when she woke up one morning in her hotel room and realized she still couldn’t speak.

Although her manager suspected something might be wrong, Lira didn’t initially think it was a stroke, leading her to walk to the ambulance.

In recent updates, Lira candidly acknowledged how the stroke impacted her speech. She expressed gratitude for her fans’ overwhelming love, support, and prayers, assuring them that she is recovering well physically and remaining strong and healthy. However, the stroke affected her speech, and she is diligently making progress each day, focusing on her recovery.

Lira also appreciated South Africans for their boundless support and love during this challenging time.

Her fans were deeply concerned about her health when her family first shared the news about her stroke. Social media united with the hashtag #PrayForLira, demonstrating their love and support. The family reassured everyone that she was receiving excellent care and treatment from the best medical team available in South Africa.


Lira’s journey to recovery requires patience, which means she won’t be able to perform on any stage soon. Nevertheless, she is in good spirits, surrounded by her family and friends, as she regains her strength.

Overall, Lira’s thrilling comeback after facing a stroke showcases her resilience and determination to share her story, inspiring and uplifting those who admire her.

Watch Lira tell her story in this captivating interview with Radio 702:

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