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EFF Bars 439 Representatives from 10th Anniversary Rally for Transport Shortfall



EFF banned 439 representatives from the 10th Anniversary Rally

The Economic Freedom Fighters have taken a strong stance against its public representatives who failed to procure transportation for their constituencies to attend the party’s upcoming rally at FNB Stadium on July 29, 2023. As a result, the EFF banned 439 representatives from the 10th Anniversary Rally, including 4 Members of Parliament, as a consequence of their negligence in fulfilling this responsibility.

At the party’s Plenum and First Central Command Team Meeting on January 31, 2023, all public representatives were given a directive to arrange transportation for their constituents to ensure their participation in the historic occasion. According to Central News, the EFF aimed to bring together people from all across South Africa.

In a statement, the party applauded those representatives who followed the directive and arranged safe and reliable transportation. However, on July 7, 2023, during a press conference at Uncle Tom’s Hall in Soweto, the EFF leadership informed the public that they would publish the names of all representatives who failed to comply with this directive, regardless of their rank or position within the organisation.

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The initial deadline for transportation submissions was May 31, 2023. Still, the organisation granted an extension until June 30, 2023, allowing representatives six months to fulfil this requirement. Any representatives who did not comply with the extended deadline cannot attend the 10th Anniversary Rally. The party also stated that further consequences would be considered for those who partially met the transportation requirement but still fell short of the target.


The list of banned individuals includes those who failed to secure any transport for their constituencies. The EFF has taken this matter seriously, emphasising their dedication to ensuring the active participation of the public in their celebrations while prioritising the safety and well-being of attendees through the requirement of responsible and experienced drivers.

This decision to ban representatives who neglected their responsibilities reminds all party members that adherence to organisational directives is essential for the EFF’s success and credibility. The party’s leadership will address these consequences in due course, indicating their commitment to holding their representatives accountable for their actions and upholding the party’s principles.

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