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Woman Accused of Human Trafficking Denied Bail



woman accused of human trafficking was denied bail

A woman accused of human trafficking was denied bail. She faces charges related to selling the sexual services of minor girls on a website. She returned to the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on July 14. The 38-year-old Margate woman and her 35-year-old Heidelberg male co-accused face several charges. They include:

  • human trafficking,
  • rape,
  • conspiracy to commit a sexual offence,
  • aiding and abetting another person to commit a sexual crime,
  • sexual grooming of children,
  • sexual exploitation of children, and
  • forcing children to witness sexual offences. 

The offences involving two girls, aged between 13 and 14, reportedly occurred between 2022 and 2023.

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The woman faces accusations of selling the sexual services of minor girls on a website. She also faces additional charges of keeping a brothel at a guesthouse in Boksburg and living off the earnings of prostitution. However, the court denied her bail application in her most recent appearance.

The court deemed it a schedule six offence, and the applicant failed to prove there were exceptional circumstances to justify her release concerning the interest of justice. The woman will stay in custody until the bail application at her next appearance on July 28. Her co-accused will also appear, but he was granted R20,000 bail on April 24. The seriousness of the charges and the involvement of minor victims have led to a cautious approach by the court in granting bail.

Source: Human trafficking accused denied bail


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