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Johannesburg Traffic Director’s TikTok Dance Energises South Africans



man danced while directing traffic

At a busy Johannesburg intersection, a man danced while directing traffic, bringing joy to commuters. Briefly News reports that this enthusiastic traffic director quickly became a recognisable figure, and netizens couldn’t help but shower him with praise for his ability to bring smiles to people’s faces during their daily commute.

The video of this dancing traffic director was shared on TikTok by user @carmz__, and it quickly went viral, captivating the hearts of over 270K TikTok users. In the video, this energetic man efficiently manages the traffic flow and dazzles with his dance moves, worthy of a performance on one of the country’s top shows. South Africans have a knack for combining traffic direction with dance, and videos like this reaffirm the nation’s love for Mzansi. See it for yourself below:

@carmz__Love the passion 😂🤩♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

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Netizens were quick to applaud the dancing traffic director for his boundless energy and passionate traffic direction. Plush Design noted, “This looks like that dude on the corner of Malibongwe and Oxford. Dude has the same energy.” Scrapbot even knew him by name, saying, “His name is Siyabonga. He’s a real homie.” Kimberly Khale expressed, “My favorite pointer in the streets.” Jean Malan195 exclaimed, “I know this guy! This is not even his full power.” Bhutipro also recognised him, sharing, “That’s my boy on Malibongwe. Helps us big time.” Agent.Y humorously added, “If he started a dance class, I would join.” Kyrameiring remarked, “Someone said that being bored in SA is a choice.” Dani appreciated the dancing traffic directors, saying, “I’m so grateful for them, though, especially at these big intersections where people forget how a four-way stop works.”

“They always brighten up my day.” Me wrote: “I legit have the same video. When I saw this, I had to take a video.” Jasmyn missed him. “This specific guy moves because I used to drive past him daily and haven’t seen him in a while. He left us for a new intersection.”


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Picture: Tiktok / carmz__

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