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Johannesburg Embraces Tourism Month with Sho’t Left Travel Week 2023



Tourism Month in Joburg

September, designated Tourism Month, promises spring, sunshine, and a vibrant atmosphere to Johannesburg. According to Joburg Newsroom, the city comes alive with festivals, carnivals, and events that showcase its diverse offerings as a global destination for business, lifestyle, leisure, culture, and music.

Laura Vercueil, the Public Relations and Communications Manager for Joburg Tourism, notes that Tourism Month is celebrated in South Africa in September, with World Tourism Day observed on September 27 by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. It’s also the beginning of spring, a perfect season to explore and experience the beauty of South Africa, especially Johannesburg.

However, the tourism sector in South Africa has faced challenges, with a 22% decrease in Q1 2023 compared to 2019 levels. Strategic measures are urgently needed to boost recovery and return to pre-pandemic performance.

Tourist arrivals have grown by 57.6% to 2 million compared to 2022, with Africa leading the way, followed by Europe. Despite this growth, South Africa strives to reach its tourism targets, highlighting the need for enhanced strategic efforts.

Tourist spending has rebounded significantly, reaching R22.5 billion in the last quarter, marking a 101.9% growth over the previous year and a 28.4% increase compared to the same period in 2019.


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Vercueil highlights that despite the challenges faced by the tourism industry due to the pandemic, numerous opportunities and initiatives could reshape its future. One such opportunity is the Sho’t Left Travel Week 2023, which offers exclusive travel deals to attract more domestic tourists.

Sho’t Left Travel Week is a unique event in South Africa’s tourism industry, allowing businesses to offer exclusive travel deals, some with up to 50% discounts. It’s an opportunity for all industry segments, from accommodation and airlines to museums and restaurants, to showcase their offerings.

Domestic travel is rising, exceeding pre-pandemic levels, making Johannesburg’s hidden gems and unique experiences more accessible to local and international travellers. As a new season unfolds, businesses in the City of Gold are eager to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences.

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