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Viral TikTok Matric Promposal Sparks Adult Nostalgia



Viral TikTok Matric Promposal Sparks Adult Nostalgia

A high school in Vanderbijlpark made waves across South Africa with a creative and entertaining twist on the traditional promposal, taking inspiration from the lobola negotiation tradition. The heartwarming event, which captured the attention of many, showcased the unique matric farewell proposal executed by a Hoërskool Vanderbijlpark matriculant as reported by Briefly.

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In a viral video shared by @bee_yanca, viewers were treated to a delightful display of cultural attire and tradition. The young man, dressed in a stylish indigenous Zulu outfit, was joined by his friends as they approached the young woman, who looked stunning in the traditional Sotho shoeshoe dress. The entire group donned various African dresses and attires, adding to the colourful and celebratory atmosphere.

This matric farewell promposal trend has been gaining popularity in South Africa, injecting youthful energy and creativity into one of the most significant events for high school students. Netizens applauded the creative initiative and expressed their desire for a rematch with Grade 12, underscoring the joy and unity that such traditions can bring to a community.

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Photo: Facebook / @Briefly – South African News

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