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Breaking Barriers: Bedfordview Woman Makes Strides in Male-Dominated Industry



Mandisa Latha

Mandisa Latha, a 30-year-old trailblazer from Bedfordview, has shattered barriers and set an inspiring precedent in the male-dominated automotive industry.

Having spent seven years at Mercedes Benz Motus Bedfordview, her journey from technician to service advisor symbolises resilience and empowerment.

Commencing her journey in 2016 as a level one apprentice, Mandisa navigated challenges and honed her skills over six years as a technician, delving into the intricate workings of vehicles.

With the capacity to disassemble and reassemble cars, her expertise in vehicle mechanics grew.

“My apprenticeship and technician journey in the workshop, followed by moving to maintenance technician after further training, prepared me for my current role,” she recounted.


Earlier this year, she was promoted to the service advising department and transitioned from the workshop’s physical demands to a customer-oriented role.

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Reflecting on her path, Mandisa acknowledged the challenges, highlighting her passion as a driving force.

Shifting from technician to educator, she educates customers who often lack vehicular knowledge.

Her fascination with automobiles ignited during college, where she studied mechanical drafting. Encounters with cars through her then-boyfriend kindled her curiosity, leading her to find her true calling.


Mandisa’s journey defies gender stereotypes, advocating for women’s capabilities and adaptability in any field.

From her roots as a technician to her current role as a service advisor, her journey speaks volumes about her dedication and love for continuous growth.

Her advice to aspiring women is to embrace learning and to follow their passions, emphasising that loving one’s job makes the journey fulfilling and therapeutic.

Source: Bedfordview woman breaks through male-dominated industry

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Picture: Facebook / Mandisa Latha

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