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Nandipha Magudumana Alleges Abuse by Powerful Men in SA



Nandipha Magudumana Alleges Abuse by Powerful Men in SA

Formerly disgraced doctor Nandipha Magudumana has threatened to expose the alleged physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse she claims to have endured before her imprisonment.

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In a letter released on Thursday, Magudumana considered the primary accomplice in the escape of Thabo Bester, infamously known as the “Facebook rapist,” asserts that influential figures inflicted her suffering, some belonging to South Africa’s most prominent families as reported by Eyewitness News.

Magudumana and Bester’s arrest occurred in Tanzania in April, following Bester’s successful escape from the Mangaung prison in Bloemfontein the previous year.

Remarkably coinciding with Women’s Month, Magudumana composed her letter within the confines of the Bizzah Makhete Correctional Centre in Kroonstad, her current place of detention.


She alleges that her abuse was perpetrated by powerful men, several of whom she claims hold high-ranking positions in government and business within South Africa.

During her time in incarceration, Magudumana claims to have borne witness to the plight of numerous women and the violation of their human rights.

In a noteworthy move, Magudumana reveals that she has granted exclusive rights to her story to a black-owned production company in South Africa.

The case involving Magudumana, Bester, and their 10 co-accused is scheduled to return to court on 11 October.

The charges against the group of 12 encompass a range of offences, including fraud, corruption, violation of a corpse, aiding an inmate’s escape, escaping lawful custody, and obstructing the course of justice.


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