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Real Challenges for Ramaphosa Lie within SA, Not BRICS Bloc – Analyst



Ramaphosa's real challenge is in SA

Amid the high-profile BRICS Summit, an international relations analyst has said President Cyril Ramaphosa’s real challenge lies in SA.

As the country hosted the eagerly awaited BRICS Summit in Sandton, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s diplomatic prowess took centre stage. According to EWN, the summit brought together over 60 heads of state, including the founding BRICS nations.

The discussions during the summit revolved around themes of shaping a new global order, enhancing trade among BRICS member states, and advocating for de-dollarisation. These topics highlighted the ambitions of emerging economies and their desire to influence the international stage.

While the summit addressed numerous significant issues, one particular outcome was the agreement to expand the BRICS bloc by adding six new member countries. This expansion process required delicate diplomacy as the leaders navigated various considerations and perspectives.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Ramaphosa’s pivotal role in the negotiations during the summit, commending his diplomatic acumen. However, international relations analyst John Streamlau shifted the focus to a different realm, emphasising that Ramaphosa’s most formidable challenge lies within South Africa’s internal landscape.

Streamlau highlighted that for South Africa to effectively play a role both on the African continent and in global affairs, it must first surmount its internal challenges. These challenges include addressing domestic divides, social issues such as crime, the functioning of essential institutions like Eskom, and the broader impediments to a thriving democracy and developmental state.

Streamlau’s perspective underscores that while Ramaphosa’s diplomatic skills are vital on the international stage, the ultimate test of his leadership lies in tackling the intricate domestic issues that South Africa faces.

Even as Ramaphosa navigates the complexities of international relations within the expanding BRICS bloc, Streamlau acknowledged that managing tensions within the group will also be a significant and ongoing endeavour.

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