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Completion Nears for Newly Built Northmead Water Tower



City of Ekurhuleni

The City of Ekurhuleni’s new 5.5 megalitres (ML) elevated water tower in Northmead, Benoni, is nearly complete, with 90% of the work already finished. A dedicated on-site team works tirelessly to ensure the facility’s timely completion and commissioning as reported by the City of Ekurhuleni.

According to Zweli Dlamini, the metro spokesman, the remaining work involves replacing the existing asbestos cement pipe with a steel pipe and installing a new chamber to connect the tower to the water supply network.

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Once operational, the new 5.5 ML elevated water tower will be crucial in boosting pressure within the bulk water supply system. Additionally, it will enhance storage capacity and water pressure in higher areas.

The city’s commitment to water security is evident in its decision to deploy these reservoirs and towers. Recognising water as a fundamental necessity, the city aims to safeguard its residents’ steady and reliable water supply.


The project has generated over 2,000 job opportunities, contributing positively to the local workforce.

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Photo: Facebook / @City of Ekurhuleni

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