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Rand Water Shutdown Leaves Some Areas in Johannesburg Without Water



areas are without water after the Rand Water shutdown

Some areas are without water after the Rand Water shutdown, despite Johannesburg Water stating that its systems recovered better than expected. Almost one week after the shutdown, the water utility confirmed that its systems were running at around 90% capacity.

However, as reported by Eyewitness News, a low water supply might still affect the Randburg, Soweto, and Johannesburg central areas. Johannesburg Water stressed that the progress made so far was adequate, considering this was one of the largest planned shutdowns the entity experienced.

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According to Johannesburg Water’s plan, the water supply was supposed to return to all the affected areas at a reduced level. But some residents hadn’t seen a drop of water in days. “Johannesburg Water teams continue prioritising flushing the network to get rid of airlocks in areas that are still struggling with low pressure or no water,” said the utility’s Nombuso Shabalala.

The water utility has to reroute some of its alternative water supply to areas without running water.


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Picture: Pexels / Nithin PA

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