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Derek Watts Announces Retirement from Carte Blanche After 35 Years



Derek Watts announced he would retire

Derek Watts announced he would retire. He made this statement last month. He will retire from the investigative journalism programme Carte Blanche after more than three decades following his diagnosis with skin cancer last year.

According to Eyewitness News, despite the disease spreading to his lungs, Watts was still enthusiastic about sharing stories that shaped the country with the programme’s devoted viewers. In an interview with Rapport newspaper on Sunday, Watts disclosed that his tenure as an anchor and presenter of the Combined Artistic Productions show on Sunday nights on M-Net (DStv 101) had ended.

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Watts said he consulted his doctor after discovering a lump under his arm in early 2022. Still, it took him a few months and much nagging from his wife, Belinda, before he finally gave in.
In a video shared by Carte Blanche, Watts provides an update on his health and goes on to laud his fellow presenters – Claire Mawisa and Macfarlane Moleli – for their outstanding work.

“Another short hospital stay, but I am fine and will be out of here soon. I really just wanted to say to our viewers, thank you for all the love, the messages, the prayers that give us all hope,” Watts said.


Since 1988, Watts has been a part of Carte Blanche. His actions as an investigative journalist led to him being one of the most respected and recognised in the industry in South Africa. Derek Watts has been instrumental in uncovering the truth and ensuring justice throughout his career.

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