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Unlocking the Potential – Repurposing Buildings for a Sustainable Future



Not repurposing buildings is a waste

Not repurposing buildings is a waste, especially compared to the wholesale destruction of our rail infrastructure, as evident in the sorry state of the Brakpan Bowls Club, now reduced to a mere shell overrun by drugs.

As per The Citizen, the indifference towards decay and destruction raises questions about our tolerance for lawlessness or the comfort of those sheltered behind walls and security, dismissing the issue as “not in my back yard.”

Similarly, the once iconic PAM Brink Stadium in Springs, once a venue for top rugby matches, now lies in ruins, stripped of anything of value long ago.

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While some may not mourn the loss of these segregated leisure facilities, it is crucial to recognise that their decline could have been prevented, as proposals to transform them into community or welfare projects have been presented to the City of Ekurhuleni.


Implementing these self-sustainable ideas would require no additional cost to the city or its ratepayers, allowing society to benefit from existing infrastructure, regardless of its historical origins.

Failing to take action will only perpetuate the distressing images that have come to symbolise South Africa’s race to the bottom.

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Picture: Supplied by Brakpan Herald


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