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Pandor Questions ICC Prosecutor on Delay in Netanyahu Arrest Warrant



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International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor has voiced her concerns about the perceived delay in the ICC* issuing an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During a visit to The Hague, Pandor met with ICC prosecutor Karim Khan. According to Jacaranda FM, she questioned the slow progress in the matter. SA, along with other countries, had urged the ICC to investigate Israel for war crimes. Pandor stressed the importance of not interfering with independent processes but highlighted the need for timely action on urgent matters.

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Pandor sought clarification on the difference in treatment between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin. While Khan couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer, he assured Pandor that the matter was under investigation. Pandor acknowledged the prosecutor’s explanation regarding personnel assignments and ongoing work within the ICC. Despite concerns, she noted that the investigation is underway, and conclusions would be reached before pronouncing the matter.

*International Criminal Court

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