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The World Focuses on South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel at the ICJ



genocide case

South Africa is gearing up to present its genocide case against Israel at the ICJ*. On Thursday, the country will appeal to the UN’s top court. It will urge the court to issue an order for Israel to cease military operations in Gaza and enable humanitarian efforts to help displaced Palestinians.

According to EWN, Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola heads the South African delegation to the Peace Palace in The Hague, where the ICJ will convene for a two-day hearing presided over by 15 permanent judges. South Africa contends that Israel’s actions in Gaza amount to genocide and seeks interim measures to halt military operations while the case is under consideration.

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University of the Witwatersrand law professor Mia Swart believes South Africa’s case has a reasonable prospect of success, citing the stark numbers, with approximately 25,000 Palestinians killed. Israel has requested an extension of public hearings to three hours on Thursday and Friday, the latter being when Israel will respond to South Africa’s arguments.

*International Court of Justice


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