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Police Warn Tshwane Residents About Online Shopping Scams



According to spokesperson Captain Stephen Maluleka, the Rietgat police have warned about online scams following an incident in which an off-duty police officer was scammed and robbed of R39,000 and other valuables. Maluleka stated that there have been over 16 cases of Facebook Marketplace scams reported in Loate and Rietgat and advised caution when responding to online advertisements to avoid falling victim to this phenomenon as reported by Pretoria Rekord.

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In addition, he encouraged those renting out trucks for delivery and removals to exercise vigilance when responding to customers online, as these often resulted in hijackings.

Maluleka also urged residents to report suspicious individuals to the police. Tips to avoid falling victim to online scams were also provided.

Photo: Facebook / @South African Police Service

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